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How Nourish Social’s creative music drama adverts helped Make Uk recruit Engineering Apprenticeships

Client Background:
Make Uk is the UK’s largest engineering apprenticeship facility based in Birmingham. Their goal is to recruit aspiring engineers to their program and provide them with the necessary training to become successful in the industry.

Client Objectives:
Make Uk approached Nourish Social, a leading content creation company, to create a creative marketing video that would help recruit apprenticeships to apply. The client wanted to showcase their facilities and provide a unique experience to potential students, with the goal of educating and inspiring them to apply.

Nourish Social’s Strategy:
To meet the client’s objectives, Nourish Social researched data and current trends. They discovered that music scored high on relevance and relatability to young people. This insight led to the creation of a unique and engaging music drama advert.

Theo Thompson from Nourish Social wrote a story from the perspective of taking a potential student through a guided tour of the facilities. The goal was to educate, stimulate aspirations and inspire people to apply. To bring the story to life, Theo worked with Birmingham legendary artist Mc Vader from Birmingham, who put the story into lyrics. The result was an unforgettable music drama advert that resonated with the audience and captured their attention.

The music drama advert reached over, £351k people with a modest ad spend. Applications started to come in after the advert was released. The content asset was also used at physical showcase events at Millennium point. Everyone in attendance commented on how good the videos were, and some were singing the theme song, leaving the venue.

This was a risk because nothing like this had been done before, but Fiona Mcgary, the client, was confident that Nourish Social would deliver. Make Uk is now looked at as the marketing pioneers in the engineering space.

Nourish Social’s music drama advert helped Make Uk reach their target audience and generate a positive response. The advert’s unique and engaging approach helped the client stand out in the competitive engineering apprenticeship market. By combining data-driven insights with creative storytelling and working with a legendary artist from Birmingham, Nourish Social helped Make Uk become a pioneer in marketing in the engineering space.

We used real engineering apprenticeships from different demographics to showcase the diverse range of opportunities available to you. Our aim was to make the video more relatable to our target market.

We filmed at the Make Uk facilities to show and tell. Disproving myths that engineering is dirty and grimy. Instead, we showed cutting-edge equipment and technology that is used by industry leaders. From advanced robotics to precision machining tools.

We know that TikTok is a cultural phenomenon, and that’s why we wanted to incorporate it into our advertising strategy. By using popular music and having students lip sync to the lyrics, we’re able to tap into the current trends and connect with our audience in a fun and memorable way.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin, Marketing Legend
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