Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

The goal we were tasked with was to raise awareness of the Unplug and Play children sessions. Unplug and play is all about unplugging children from technology and allowing them to play safely in nature. We created a video advertisement that shows the adventures in nature. The video was used in a paid social advert. This lead to a lot of knew families finding out about the sessions and attending them.

The target audience was parents. We used the relatability of children spending too much time on screen time. Unplug and play is framed the solution to their problem.

We showed rather then just told that children have a sense of adventure. By showing a child smiling and happy exploring we appeal to the adults inner child.

We showcasing children doing what children should be doing. Getting their hands dirty and building dens. This creates a nostalgic I remember the fun I had doing that as a child. The parent then feels they would like their child to have a similar experience in a safe space like the gardens.

If you don’t feel it, you won’t remember it.

Bob Dickman, Author & Executive Coach
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