Manor Hotel Best Western

Manor Hotel Best Western

We worked with Paula Moran the Sales Manager at the Manor Hotel. There was a focus to increase brand awareness. Improve the amount of engaged couples who have a healthy budget. Raise awareness of their hotel for a 30mile radius. We also aimed to make Paula the industry leading sales manager.

We created a series of video that are personal, friendly and entertaining while being non corporate. It was key that we get across the characters of key individuals in the hotel. This enables potential customers to get familiar with hotel staff. This has been proven to increase sales and build trust and likability. People buy from people they like trust and respect. This increases the conversion rate of show arounds. The Hotel saw over 5 weddings booked from the result of each £100 advert. The average wedding cost is £7000.

We chose shots that showed the emotions of the bride and guest. This helps the potential bride and groom to picture themselves and loved ones experiencing their special day at this venue. This emotionally motivates them to book a viewing of the venue.

We show the wedding planner and the venue staff enjoying the great work they do. This familiarises the potential bride and groom so when they meet them it’s in a way like they know them.

We showed Paula’s outtakes to help viewers to see the fun bubbly side of Paula. In the comments section when we posted the video people loved this. Brides even said in the comments this is who I want helping to make our day special.

Personal Branding

Paula Moran is the wedding sales manager who we wanted to build trust and likability in the local community of 30 miles. We did this with a number of strategies. We showed funny off takes and casual language rather then corporate language to name a few strategies. As a result of Paulas increased sales has lead to her receiving a promotion to group sales manger. Paula is also now nationally caught after on how to implement social selling in her sector. This was achieved by creating entertaining informative content.

Custom Video Title

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.

Steve Jobs, Apple (as if we had to tell you that)
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