Services Provided: Social media, photography and videography training.



CSW sport are a county sports partnership that encourage physical activity in communities.

CSW Sport wanted to find some local children in the North of Solihull to cover and film the CSW sport school games. This means they wanted to upskill young students to film the 1 day event which was over 5 hours long.



We had six ninety minute sessions to train volunteer students after school on how to use social media as a creator rather then a consumer. How to take photos and add graphics. And how to tell a story through video and edit. We also covered how to film using Facebook live.

To make this exciting and beneficial for the young students i showed how todays culture changes puts them in a very good position to live out their passions as a career if they use social media. I showed examples of people who have done this then equipped them with principles which they can apply not only to the school games event but to life also. I focused on training the students how to use what they have which was mobile phones and content creating apps that i suggested. I was impressed by the enthusiasm to learn and their ability to put what they learned into practice. The session also resulted in with 3 students changing their subject to Media while also helping all of them to be more self aware to the influences of media.



On the day of the event the young students excelled and really come to life and exceeded expectations when it come to Facebook live broadcasting. We knew CSW Sport also wanted to build an audience of parents in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire. So we thought we would give the parents who couldn’t make the event the chance to tune in and possibly see their child in action. We didn’t just do that it was the students who had an idea to find selected parents children so their mom can say hello in the comments section and the child can respond through video. Word of this spread throughout the day amongst parents which led to parents logging in all over Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire.

This video was filmed and edited with the help of the students.

One of the students Lewis Sweeny also wrote an article on the media training in his school magazine along with what other projects they used their newly developed skills which included Aegon classic and Wimbledon.


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