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The Cars Area is a small area on Smiths Wood North Solihull that is considered to be a deprived area and the most hard to reach by all services and local authorities. It has a population of about 3k.


The Cars Area were awarded 1 million to spend over 10 years by the Big Local Lottery Fund but they desperately needed to get the attention and engage the community so they can decide what the money is spent on.

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Before they received any money the Cars Area Big Local group had to first gather consultation. We knew we had to build an online presence but more importantly show we understand and emphasise with the communities current problems and issues to build relationships with residents. Issues like no car parking spaces, lack of opportunities and employment (see image) at the end of the day no one cares what you know until they know that you care. These were little micro pieces of content.

Before we did anything on social media i put together a social media strategy. Key things taken from the strategy was polished branded content didn’t perform well but raw on the fly mobile content that had humour on serious issues performed well. Also news you can use got attention along with content that inspires.

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We inspired local people to come forward with ideas on the type of activities. The only asset in the area was a council owned building that no one used. So we decided to inspire local people to run the groups in the building around things they were passionate about. This was a major key.



I then helped to advertise the groups to encourage the community to attend, volunteer and support. We did this through making group promotional videos that told the stories and testimonies of the social impact that the groups made. What it was like in the area before the groups or activities, during the activities and the impact it has made on their lives since the activities. We focused of featuring children and parents and making them into local celebrities. This led to residents commenting and sharing with friends because Joanne from down the road was in the video rather then someone they do not know from outside the area. The impact resulted in over 10 new groups and social enterprises being set up ranging from the first ever community youth club to a women’s social support group around mental health. There has also been a steady supply of volunteers eager to help and get involved.

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Because of the highly engaged audience we have built we have also secured sponsorship for additional sources of income that match the businesses target audience.


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