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Olivia Towers is GB national competing dressage rider and trainer.

Olivia wants to build herself as a brand and establish herself as an authority within dressage but also add her unique quirky character into the mix. Olivia also wants to increase the amount of riders she teaches and trains in flatwork and dressage while building an audience which will open up other opportunities. The hardest thing for Olivia to overcome is not coming across like the average Dressage rider who are often perceived be wealthy and of the elite of the world. Olivia wants to bring the beauty and elegance of dressage to the masses and challenge perception.

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As Olivia is developing her own brand it is very important she understands the direction and the steps needed to get her goal. The research conducted gave Olivia multiple routes and options. We decided to focus on helping people to get to know Olivias character through the use of Facebook live which would be used for Q/A sessions around dressage along with the use of Instagram and Youtube to feature the more personal lifestyle of Olivia. We set up a content calendar which included a Facebook live Q/A session every Tuesday, they have proven to be very successful and have led to people then attending lessons and open days along with people becoming ambassadors of Olivia.

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Olivia Towers 8 months into our plan now reaches 1.4million people per month. But more importantly than reach is she has a highly engaged dressage community with just under 700 comments per month and 239 inbox messages. This has proven Olivia has built deep rooted relationships with her Towers tribe.

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Olivia is now highly demanded personal flatwork lessons. When she releases dates for her weekend seminars where riders can lodge and learn they sell out within an hour. Olivia has also launched her own clothing line that inspires, motivates and has a meaning which is successful and she is building on. Olivia has been consistently approached by sponsors to advertise, use and showcase companies products. Olivia has chosen to work with 7 along with a local gym where she vlogs her fitness workouts.

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Olivia Towers has a unique very likably character that isn’t scared to push boundaries or traditions. (The perfect person any creative could work with) I then decided Cinemagraphs (living photos) would set Olivia apart from all other Dressage riders on Instagram and Facebook. And because of the beautiful animals Olivia works with on a daily basis and the beautiful grounds she lives on we have the perfect settings to be creative. Cinemagraphs are proven to get a much higher click through rate. As a result of a Cinemagragh that was placed on a paid advertisement Olivia was successful in sucuring sponsorship in her first month. Cinemagraphs are used by brands like Mercedes, Americas next top model, HBO, Ikea and Netflixs


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