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This Girl Can is a national initiative set up by Sports England which was launched in 2015 to inspire non active women and girls take up physical exercise. CSW Sport wanted to localise the campaign and inspire Women and Girls to get active.

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The first task was to creative a recognisable This Girl Can and CSW Sport brand that stays with in the Brand Guidelines of This Girl Can. We worked with focus groups of Women and Girls and come up with the results below while working in partnership with creatives from Wider. The tone of voice would remain the same to help us to build on what had already been started but with a slight localised twist to get across we understand local culture.

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The next objective was to write a Social Media strategy for This Girl Can CSW Sports. The key area of focus was to find out what platforms most Women and Girls in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire but to also find out what ones they are active on. Due to the limited amount of staff time available from CSW Sport we decided to focus on Facebook and build an engaged audience and then eventually build an Instagram. Another focus point was what are the pain points of Women and Girls who are not involved in physical activity and how can we inspire and encourage them to overcome these issues while motivating them to take part. Given the limited budget we decided to not manage the social media for them but rather to train and upskill the staff to do it for themselves with us supporting and filming 1 women’s sports session per month and breaking the content recorded into social media content.



The strategy for the videos was to show and tell. We featured the laddies to tell about their experiences, fears and challenges. For example one women said “for me an obstacle to overcome is it’s all about trying to coordinate cooking dinner and getting kids into bed while also managing a part time job. But for me its now a priority to set aside some time to get some exercise and me time.” This highlights some womens real world problems and barriers which helps the video to resonate with women while also motivating and showing if other women can then you can also. We turned these local women into celebrities. We placed a small £50 Facebook paid advert with specific information to get the best results which resulted in turning the ladies featured into local celebrities. It also lead to great reach but more importantly great results and numbers of women who used to play sport coming forward from getting that nostalgic feeling. screen shot netball stats. This then led to them attending a physical activity in there area. People were commenting, sharing and tagging people in videos.


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