We worked with Solihull Crown Plaza to help them to use social media more effectively. Nicola Corfield who is the sales manager was the person who we aimed to make the face of the Solihull branch. 

The goals were to raise awareness of the hotel.

Increase the demand for the board room usage. 

Increase the venue usage for wedding events.

And to establish Nicola Corfield as the go to authority in and around Solihull for the hospitality sector. 



The first video below was to show personality behind the Solihull Crown Plaza. Rather then just going for your standard promotional corporate video that doesn’t create an impression or memory. The fast edits, the sound design of the lipstick mixed with the sound of a sword being pulled out of a sword sheaf gives the video character and flair. This alone resulted in over 6k views and hundreds of comments and trends request for Nicola. Raising the profile of the hotel and of Nicola. Nicola also won awards for social selling which upon accepting thanked us for our support. Not only did we film videos for the crown Plaza, we also gave strategical advice for them to create their own videos.


This video was to highlight the venue for the use for Weddings. Nicola was the face and voice behind the video to familiarise her with the audience. This video we addressed the pain points of potential customers and highlighted some of the major selling points of the venue and staff. This video also reached 6k plus and increased their demand not just as a wedding venue but also for corporate events. Because of the level of engagement both videos received it also helped to lead to more awards and for them to be selected to host prestigious hospitality awards events.


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