Beautifully simple Social Media tool!

by TheoThompson on November 16, 2015 No comments

If you are a small business, entrepreneur, employee who manages a company social media, you will understand how frustrating keeping up with your profiles can be. A simple solution is a Social Media management tool which will make your life easier.

For those who do not know a Social Media tool is software that allows you to manage and monitor multiple social media accounts from one central hub. The tool helps you to be efficient and productive with your time and efforts. Some tools allow you to schedule post so that you do not need to physically post yourself but instead can plan ahead of time. Along with the obvious advantages it also gives you feedback with data analytics on how each individual piece of content and overall review on how your pages are performing. This is important so you can see if your marketing efforts are effective or if they need tweaking.

Having used multiple other tools i was looking for a high quality feature packed easy to use Social Media tool that i could use myself with my team. I needed something i felt confident recommending to others. For me AgroPulse ticked all the boxes. The layout is visually attractive and doesn’t vomit too much at you at one time like some other tools. The format makes your workflow a lot easier and fluid through the use of it’s features. This is a big relief because some other tools out there you need to click tab then sub tab and another tab to get to where you want. It almost felt that you was unwrapping a present that had been wrapped like pass the parcel, not with Agora though.

“AgoraPulse is a great tool with strengths and weaknesses. The simplicity of the user interface along with the beautiful visuals makes this the most pleasant easy to learn tool out there.”

Theo Thompson

Label your fans/followers

A feature that i love is the ability to organise your audience and label them as advocates and or ambassadors along with customised titles and tags you may want to include to point out their skills or industry. This will help you to list key influencers and advocates so that you can engage with them accordingly.


The monitoring of mentions and comments aimed at you is where AgroPulse really stands out and helps you to be efficient with your workflow. When you do engage with people and they engage with you it comes under monitoring, you will have the option to see everyone who has spoke to you. As you respond to these mentions and comments they get ticked off as reviewed. This ultimately saves you time so you don’t have to filter through messages you may or may not have replied to. Most other tools don’t have this feature so you are often left filtering through your list and sometimes missing conversations you never replied to. Never again!

Facebook Apps

The ability to quickly and easily run Facebook contest, prizes and quizzes is a brilliant added bonus to go with everything else. This great feature will help you to stand out as a brand. Facebook contest sparks engagement on Facebook especially things like personality and photo contest. You don’t need programming skills of any kind it is a simple customisable template process.

The Analytics

A simple one click export button downloads an in depth metrics report that covers everything you need to know about the impact and results your content has had. The one click feature downloads all the information in a beautiful visual easy to understand presentation. For those new to marketing, analytics is important because it shows what content is working and what is getting engagement and attention along with what isn’t working. This is important so you can tweak and adjust your content to give your audience content they value and give yourself a better ROI.

Desired features

The only problems with AgoraPulse is that you can’t connect to Linking or Pinterest at all. This may be something they add soon. You also do not have the ability as yet to do keyword searches. This again is a feature i feel they may add soon.

A great feature i would love to see is the ability to put in your desired audience demographic and receive a list of 5-10 top hashtags used by that audience. This would save time by having everything you need in one tool instead of using multiple tools.


AgoraPulse is a great tool with strengths and weaknesses. The simplicity of the user interface along with the beautiful visuals makes this the most pleasant easy to learn tool out there. The customer service is also on point with answers to questions having the fastest replies i have seen. The mobile app also makes it convenient for when i am out of the office. The great price options for the features also give you your best bang for your buck. AgoraPulse are a fairly new platform which is even more exciting because this means they still have improvements to make yet are still in my opinion better then the top 2 market leaders. I for one feel confident and comfortable recommending AguraPulse to clients and friends. I look forward to seeing what they have coming next.

TheoThompsonBeautifully simple Social Media tool!

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