8 types of characters on Social Media

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Everyone knows 8 types of characters on Social Media.
Social Media platforms are made up of different types of characters the better you understand them and identify them the better you can engage with them and add value to them. It is good to understand a Facebook wall Twitter feed are like public diaries to a persons mind and emotions with dates and times attached. Let us take a quick look at the different types of characters you may come across or even be able to recognise straight away.

Attention/Approval Seekers

The attention seeking person down the road who uploads pictures and video in order to win likes and shares for approval.

As they go through their day with a mixture of emotions you will most likely see them express those emotions on social media.

They take lots of photos to get the perfect selfie and if it hasn’t got 1000 likes in the first 5minutes they take it down.

Signs to look for…

  1. Rant videos
  2. Endless selfies with a serious look on the face for males or a pout or tilted head to the side for females.
  3. Highly opinionated on other peoples pictures or videos often leading to disputes.
  4. I’ve been shopping have a look what I’ve got selfies.
  5. I’m not even being big headed but…. (Normally about to be big headed and boast.) Or the opposite for those approval seekers…. I know I look awful in this pic… (and waits for people to tell them how beautiful or good looking they are)
  6. Constantly checking their social timelines to see if anyone has responded to their post

People Watchers/Lurkers

Lurkers are those that like to be in the know but never want to let people know they saw their post so don’t like or comment.

They follow certain friend-enemies (friends who are really seen as enemies) just to keep up to date on what they are doing, often a social keeping up with the Jones’.

  1. They have all the local gossip on people and events but they never post themselves
  2. They never engage but will say did you see John Jones post the other day
  3. People watcher in the real world
  4. Analytical when making decisions
  5. Often a very savvy shopper

Casual user

They use Social Media now and then but they don’t overthink it.

Easy going but can often clash and have something to say about opinionated people. But at the same time these are the people who feed attention seekers with attention.

They often upload family pictures and comments often on the attention seekers post.

  1. Post now and then, but when they go on holiday brace yourself for whole album pictures
  2. Share post as 100% truth without researching the source or content
  3. Most of the time they are positive people
  4. They often have a burning desire to invite you to play games


The joker often just as in real life can be the life of the party.

These people are often very entertaining and can turn someone’s comment or tweet into a 50+ reply feed. They are often very quick witted and can banter on any given topic. Also they are the pound for pond kings at meme wars! (Meme war is banter with visual aid and a caption to give context)

At the same time depending on their mood they can be sensitive and sometimes go over the top and offend people.

  1. Visual aid to banter through Memes
  2. Highly liked by friends
  3. Often a high level influencer within their circles
  4. Often use humour to address serious topics

“A Facebook wall Twitter feed are like public diaries to a persons mind and emotions with dates and times attached.”

The Ghost

They make a fake profile or a profile with no real picture or if they do have a picture it is one from over 5years ago.

These are the over paranoid people who never click on links. They can also have lurker traits.

  1. Profile picture of landscape or a quote
  2. Often someone above the age of 25
  3. Sometimes a paranoid or possessive partner (trying to catch their partner out)
  4. Profile set to private, Comments set to private, their existence set to private.

Mr/Mrs Negative

Everyone has at least two negative people on their friends or followers list.

This person will pop up out of nowhere on a post that says something like “what a beautiful day” and say “no it isn’t” This person is the one who moans and whines and never seems happy. (They can also have attention seeking traits – using the negative posts about how miserable they are to get others to feel sorry for them.)

They rant about something that either bothers them, or something they think is a hot topic that others will agree with. You can unfriend, unfollow or delete them but they just keep coming back.

  1. Negative post
  2. Often in arguments
  3. Often post angry stuff
  4. Pictures always taken inside a house

Gym rats

They are on the rise. With visual imagery on the rise and vanity at an all-time high gym freaks must post every time they eat, go gym, and flex.

  1. Daily progress reports with pictures to prove it
  2. Food prep pictures
  3. They wear my clothes one size smaller to look bigger
  4. Colour coded laces tops and hats but no sweat in sight
  5. App uploads with running times, distance and calories burnt

Conspiracy Theorists / Anti Government Protestors

Another group that is on the rise. These are people that try and spread the word about conspiracy theories and how there are aliens on earth, the government is tricking us and loads of other stuff.

  1. Often people who enjoy debate and challenge social norms and general opinions.
  2. Post memes contradicting radical views
  3. Share news stories and links to evidence of conspiracy theories
  4. Post status updates that challenge others to think
  5. Some post actually have a very valid point

“Remember a share is a personal recommendation of the persons approval. If you want people to share your content make sure you are adding social currency.”

This is just a generalised overview of the type of characters you may encounter on Social Media. People can sometimes be a mixture of a few of these but the key is recognising people for their strengths and weaknesses and delivering information and utility in the way they would like to receive. Remember a share is a personal recommendation of the persons approval. If you want people to share your content make sure you are adding social currency.

TheoThompson8 types of characters on Social Media

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