What is Content Marketing?

by TheoThompson on June 3, 2015 No comments
Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and posting valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract people and acquire your target audience. This builds relationships and customer action and advocacy.
The non-jargon version is simple. You provide your target audience with information through video or images (what works right now) that they will find value around a specific topic. Ask yourself does your current marketing material give nuggets of helpful information that helps your customers or clients pain points? Or are you just advertising how great you and your business are? If we were trying to attract the opposite sex which do you think would work?
The truth is content marketing is an asset to every business and in today’s day and age everyone needs to create content and be a media company. If you are not adding value in bite size chunks on social media then you are missing out. 
All top marketers know and have come to terms with understanding traditional marketing such as TV, newspapers, billboards, posters & leaflets just don’t hold the attention or value they once did. This is simply due to the shift in culture and therefore where people’s eye balls are fixed. People are focused on mobiles, more importantly the social media platforms on those mobiles.
Now ask yourself this, are people on those platforms looking at spam from businesses or agencies with an agenda and I WANT FROM YOU attitude? Of course not, they are there for escapism, entertainment, utility or information packaged in a way they want to receive and swallow it. Now ask what are you going to do about it? Create content people want to receive, stop thinking what you would like and ask yourself what would your target market like? This is why a Social Media strategy is so important, it is your foundation for everything else you do with your marketing efforts. 
Content needs to be:
Thought provoking
(For best result make your content visual!)
If you lack creativity with your in-house team or lack the know how then pay someone else to do it and train your in house teams. Build a culture where people are encouraged and praised for creating creative content. The worst thing you can do is criticise people’s efforts in this area, give a little freedom to a certain extent. 
Establish yourselves as the expert in your field while also letting people know you have a character behind your brand. If you do this, when someone wants a problem solved that falls under your industry who they going to call? (Ghostbuster voice) You!
Change your platforms and you will change your relationships, change your relationships and you will change your business. You can think about it while your competitor does it or you can create powerful content.
TheoThompsonWhat is Content Marketing?

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