Generation Smart Phone

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Generation Smart Phone

If you are currently reading this there is above a 50% chance you are reading this on your mobile phone. If you are outside stop and lift your head up and see how many people are walking while looking down at a small screen instead of looking where they are going. If you are in a building look outside and see how many people walk past are doing the same. Next time you are driving and you stop at traffic lights look to your left or right and see if someone is looking at their phone.

Mobile devices have taken over and are now the closest screen to our face before the tablet, laptop or TV. Now ask yourself what does this mean for your business and have you adapted to this culture shift or are you still operating according to the old system where a laptop or even the TV was the main screen?

What we look down at on our phones.

The first question to ask yourself regarding your business or cause is have you got a responsive web-site that adjusts itself to be more easily viewed and navigated on a mobile device? If no then that is an EPIC FAIL which one day may go down in your family history as one of the biggest fails in your dynasty. Why do I say this? Simply put, CONVENIENCE. Convenience is key because it saves the number one commodity today which is TIME. Think if someone has to zoom in to read text or wait for the full page to load up they will leave your web-site in a hot second and jump on another one. We are people who expect instant gratification. We fast forward adverts now, we open another tab on the internet while another loads. The 5 second start on YouTube videos when we are waiting to hit skip we are straight to another tab. Now ask yourself is your dated website getting results or throwing results away and leaving money on the table?

Looking at culture changes

The second question is do you have short snappy video content that is under 1-3minutes that doesn’t drain mobile internet data to watch or doesn’t drag on? This is key when you target mobile users. Some users have minimum mobile internet. And to make things worse people who go on Facebook and haven’t worked out how to switch of the automatic play feature on Facebook video stream that is on everyone’s time line has realised their data isn’t reaching as far as it once did. Most people when they see a video over 3minutes with no Wi-Fi will not press play. 

The third question to ask yourself. Do you encourage people to share your content on What’s app? Most people now use What’s app instead of text message, Facebook recognised this so it explains why Zukenburg swooped in to purchase for a petty £19 billion. People no longer need unlimited text messages because they send more messages on What’s app. Most only text when someone doesn’t have What’s app. People have What’s app groups where they share links, information, and memes used for banter. As if normal verbal or written banter wasn’t enough visual aid is now given on demand from apps like meme generator which has an option to send straight to What’s app via the app.

These are just 3 questions to ask yourself. Depending on your business, cause or industry there may be loads of other variables to consider to see if you have reacted to change or if you are being left behind. 

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