8 Points for your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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8 Points for your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

1. Document your strategy

No Pilot ever set of on a journey not knowing where they are going, so why would you set of on a marketing journey for your brand not knowing where you are going or your aims and objectives? The only thing that will happen without a clear concise plan and route of action is you will get lost. Document your strategy for yourself and your team. 

Know where your going with your Social Media Marketing strategy before you take off.

2. Know your target demographic

Picture you have a date but you don’t have their name, age, location you will hardly get to meet never mind build a relationship with no information on the person. Even blind dates have a location and time to meet. This is why understanding the demographic of your target market is key. 

3. What do they hashtag?

What are your target demographic hash tagging right now? This can help you not just to hashtag your content so they can find you, but also you can do some social eavesdropping (without having to get a 3 kill streak on Call of Duty) so you can listen to what they are saying on social media, join in and engage in conversations. There are plenty of social media tools out there along with twitter and Instagram search. 

4. Understand pain points 

When you go to the doctors the first thing they say most of the time is where does it hurt? Once a doctor understands the pain points they can begin to try and diagnose the problem and offer the solution. This is the same type of process for businesses and causes. You must understand your target markets pain points so you can offer solutions that may help. How can you save them time, effort, money or simply offer connivance and utility? 

Find and understand your target markets pain points and offer the solutions. Remember we are here to help people.

5. What do they value most?

What do your customers/clients value most? Escapism? Entertainment? Utility? What are their habits and behaviour? Don’t just go off surveys or questionnaires or what some people say, watch what your market does and it will reveal the truth. After you think you have an idea ask them! The deeper you understand this the better it will help you package your content that they value or that helps them overcome their pain points. Remember putting others first is what counts. 

6. What is your Brand Persona

What is your brand persona? What are your character guidelines for your brand? How do you want to come across, funny, quirky, serious, feminine, masculine, corporate, playful etc?

7. Visual Content

With Social Media being noisier then ever this is vital, think Visual Content for your industry. Quotes, Tips, Photos, How too, slide shares, short video snippets, infographics, behind the scenes, create brand boarder templates that are instantly affiliated to you. Having this information prepared and ready to use at any moment will serve you well and help you to be consistent. I will cover visual content in more detail in a future blog as it’s an important key part of helping your business or cause stand out on-line. For more information on what is content marketing.

8. Brand identity

Have your colour pallets and complementary colours ready. Brands are instantly recognised by familiar colours. Make sure you are consistent with yours.

This is a general list not specific to any particular industry or niche but if followed, it is more than enough to equip you with a document you and your team can use. The key is creativity and remember it is a living document that should react to real world changes. Always be aware of what is happening right now, have your finger on the pulse of your market. Look out for future blogs that go in depth with each of these points.

If you would like examples on any of the points above for your specific industry or niche email us and we will answer your questions in a future blog.


TheoThompson8 Points for your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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